Micro Roni


The Micro Roni is basically a plastic shell where you can insert your handgun.
Doing this instantly turns you pistol into a semi-firing SMG without all the problems that come with carrying an (extra) SMG.

"Let's be honest, under stress you will be lucky to hit an elephant with a pistol at 40 meters"

With the Micro Roni you can give yourself increased firepower, increades accuracy, increased effective range and much more  for only a few hundred euro's.
And eventhough there are many knock-offs on the market that say they offer the same thing they do not.
The Micro Roni is by far the strongest, easiest to use and best thought out evolution of this concept.

What does it offer:
- Foldable stock
- Tactical rails for mounting optics and such on the top and the sides
- Built in light or laser
- Built in front grip
- Built in spare magazine holder
- Quick detach sling mount and bungee sling

Example of how to use it:

1. Put a Micro Roni in your Police vehicle, if you drive to a situation with increased threat you put on your extra body armor and also put your pistol in the Micro Roni. 
Suddenly you increase your firepower by 2, increase your effective range by 4 and cut your relaod time in half.
All this without having to have a gun safe in your vehicle and without having extra worries.

We have different kits avaible with different prices, contact us for a quote.
Special offers and conditions apply for governmental services, please contact us.

Demonstration during one of our courses: