Retardia is the imaginary country where our SF seminar takes place.
The problem with most tactical training is that it usually stops at learning hard skills like shooting, self-defense, medical training or such things.
Then at some point you add a small scenario in a force on force drill and that's it. 
But we do it entirely differently. In our SF seminar you are put in a 6 day long, 24 hour a day scenario that even starts weeks before the course starts with news items from Retardia painting you a picture of where you are going.

This means that you will both receive training and use your newly aquired skills in real-life scenario's taking place all around the area where you are training. Inclusing countless actors who perform the roles of OpFor (your enemy), Villagers, Or other POI (persons of interest).
This 24 hour scenario becomes so all incompasing that earlier students declare that sometimes they found it hard to distinguish between training and reality.


In Retardia there is an evil regime that rules with a reign of terror against it's citizens and is doing all sorts of crimes.

While at the same time there are media organisations, local, national and international governments and NGO's that are trying to steer the countries situation in their direction.
At any given time the situation can change and most importantly, the missions you employ and its success or failure will have real-world consequences that will make your life as an operator inside the country easier or more difficult.

On top of this you and your team members will be beholden to your countries MOD (Ministry of Defense) who will provide you with orders, missions and things you need (or not)


You will be trained, coached and steered by professionals who have earned their stripes and will share from their own experience things that will help you.

But, since all of this can be perceived as heavy the best part of Retardia is that the way we put down the scenario is always a weird mixture of seriousness and over the top humouristic crazyness. (hence the name Retardia)

2022: Operation Clouded Vision (The revolution begins)

This coming june the next course will begin on the 13th of that month. It will be the next adventure in Retardia's story.
At this time the regime has a strong hold on the country and NATO is deciding to insert a special unit into the country for a observer mission over the new elections. But in reality the mission entails a secret component of supporting the opposition in a guerrilla warfare campaign to overthrow the sitting Retardian dictator.


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