Review 1: 

Big Up for the leading guys at TAC.
I just experienced a course with them, they are very good at what they do

They will rock your world and let you meet your strengths, weaknesses and.. a lot more
I don't like social media in a commercial way; I strongly dislike fake "do this and you will become... whatever propaganda. Lie there's a lot on FB.
But to my friends i say: Do this course, not to become something but to grow!
I compare it to rockclimbing: Fall during rockclimbing: The Harness is completely overrated... until you fall!



Review 2:
High quality instructors. They know what they are talking about. Good quality training materials and good facilities. I had great fun and learned a lot!


Review 3: 
Had a very interesting and intense training last year in Poland, Maarten proved to be a professional and patient instructor. I would certainly recommend his trainings to everybody who is interested in becoming more aware of the "new" treats and more skilled in handling these situations.


Review 4: 
Very high quality. A excellent training.


Review 5: 
Fantastic training, very friendly and professional team.


Review 6: 
Professional and patient instructors, dedicated to teaching their students.
Ideal courses either to gain more experience or, in my case, refresh and sharpen skills and drills.


Review 7: 
The training is intense, but very satisfying.
It is very practical and designed according real life situations.
Maarten is a very patient and hands on guy, I learned a lot from him.


Review 8:

Shooting from moving vehicles or securing a helo... you name it! Top courses, great instructors! It was my 3rd time as a student and it really keeps getting harder. 
Adi & Maarten will push you to the max and just when you think you're done, they've got more "treats" up their sleeves  Live fire exercises (individual and as a team), stress drills and plenty of adrenaline kicks lasting one week long... have made this chic very hyper!!! I personally advise it to all the action junkies like me.