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CQB Combatives & Hostile environment training [4 days]


Combat nowadays usually takes place in close quarters. What does that mean? It means wether you are working behind enemy lines in a unit, or working as a security guard, or even trying to live your life as a civilian you may have to deal with a real threat to your life. 

In this course you will learn to deal with this and more.
- CQB pistol and Rifle training
- Armed and unarmed combat
- Prepping & Bug out
- Surveillance and counter surveillance
- Trauma medical care

With the knowledge you aquire you will enhance your survivability and lethality in self-defense scenario's.
You will also be able to deal more sufficient in possible future societal unrest.

This will be a very intense 4 days where you will enjoy friendship and hfun but also hard times and stress physical and mental.