CQB tactics and awareness course

When it comes to working in close quarters there are a few factors that determine the most suitable tactical options.
The chosen speed of working, the structure you are working in, the type of threat are just a few one can think of.
In Israel one of the tactics used often is what is called ‘limited penetration’. The main idea is that “only bullets will enter the room until the threat is eliminated”.
In Western Europe most units work with the dynamic entry.
In this course your unit will learn the types of entries, train them until they are second nature and they will learn to choose wisely which type of entry is most suitable.
Since most combat nowadays happens in urban contexts, this may well be the most important course your unit will do.

Hostile environment awareness course

This course will teach your people how to increase their chances of safety and security in a hostile place of working or living.
It will teach the people simple and easily applicable knowledge they can use when travelling alone or as a team.
Most useful for people that travel or stay away from the protection that a base provides.
The course also teaches a lot about vehicular travel, how to prepare and use a car for transport and how to use the car when trouble arises.
When you look at victims of crime of terrorism while travelling abroad for work it is amazing to see how many of these cases could have been prevented with just a little bit more awareness and knowledge.
Give your people the edge with our highly sought after H.E.A.T. course.

Aggression awareness and application course

Aggression is a subject which is at the core of the work of many government units.
Both the dealing with and prevention of aggression towards members of your unit, but at the same time also learning to apply aggression in the right amount and keeping the balance between applying aggression and not losing control of self.
This course will increase the awareness and power of people in your unit to manage and use aggression to their advantage.
It will give unit leaders better knowledge of how their people are able to handle violence, both incoming and outgoing.
The content of this course does not come from some scientist on an attic, but comes from guys that are well schooled in both the “school of the street” but also in what science has to offer.
This means your people get actual actionable knowledge they can apply in their work from day one after the course.

Ground fighting and weapon retention

There are plenty of people in units that are good with a gun.
But did you know that 85% of all hand to hand conflicts end with fighting on the ground?
This in itself offers a huge challenge, but this challenge becomes much bigger when you personnel is armed.
By far the most cases of officers or military personnel getting disarmed and shot with their own weapon happens while in a ground fight.
And also be aware of people that maybe well versed in ground fighting, but the assailant presents a knife during the ground fight of during the time when the officer thinks they have control.
All of these things are dealt with in this ground breaking course. Taught by experts in the field of ground fighting and armed fighting this course truly delivers on giving your people the edge when faced with a ground fight in an actual combat scenario.
Both for law-enforcement and military personnel this is a must have in your training program.

Extreme violence and active shooters

There are many courses where we excel and deliver on truly upgrading your team and your protocols.
But being a company with its roots in Israel this subject is and will always be close to our hearts.
In Israel these types of attacks have been happening for 75 years now and they have been studied more extensively than you can imagine.
And there is no doubt that what we offer today is what will truly work in practise.
Most applicable to regular Police or armed Security forces which will act as first responders.
In the case of secondary units we will prefer our CQB course.
In the case you are dealing with this type of threat your biggest enemy is time and the first mistake made many times is believing there is such a thing as cover in these types of situation.
Learn how to decrease the seconds spent and increase the chance of survival of your people and the civilians which are under attack.

Pistol proficiency course

Many people working in armed government units have come to our open courses to become more proficient with their pistols.
Shooting a pistol should be considered an artform and taught as such.
During this course we will increase the accuracy of your people, but also increase the combat fighting abilities with the pistol.
Some see the pistol as a lesser thing in combat against a long gun, but when used right it can surpass the long gun by miles in an urban context.
Give your people the edge by providing them with a course that will seriously enhance their capabilities and improve their chance of surviving armed combat with a pistol.

RONI certification

Obviously many units are buying the amazing RONI system to instantly increase the fighting capabilities of their people.
But with a new weapon system comes training and certification.
In this course your people will learn how to use the RONI system and also become (more than) proficient with it.

The RONI system is most applicable to Police units, special units that need light weapons, or even vehicle borne units and engineers who need something small and light.

Recon, breaching, entry and CQB course

When you look at a building that a unit needs to enter there are 4 steps the unit needs to take to get control of the building.
In this course we will teach your unit all these steps, and integrate them into different scenarios from small to large.
This is a very innovative course aimed at making your people more aware and able to increase their speed and accuracy of action.
A very important topic since in urban combat the question of breaching and entering comes back time and time again.
Also, people from different parts of the world have different ways of locking and barricading their doors and teams need to be aware of this when working in certain areas.

Small Unit Combat and Care under fire

Many times units will have a course in SUT and also a course in CUF. Which is good in itself, but what we have done is to create a course where these two are seamlessly integrated.
This means the students will learn two items which are different but related at the same time and we have seen that it stimulates the brain in a very special and realistic way when we take them into the first subject and suddenly confront them with the second and vice versa.
This course is excellent for Police teams, or for infantry units or other combat units which may need to extract personnel from a hot situation

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