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All our courses are based on the tactics and way of teaching of the Israeli Defense forces.
This means that we base our teaching on almost 80 years of constantly learning from and adapting to the most extreme and persistent terrorism.


Our courses stand out in several ways from what you are used to either as a civilian training in Tactical schools, or as a Police Officer or Military personnel.
Firstly we train very much on an individual level.
We shoot individually with every student and analyse and improve after every volley of shots.
This means you will seriously grow as a shooter and not just dump magazines.
Off course this also means we have a high student to instructor ratio.
Also, we work much more dynamic and always put in little details to bring up the realism as much as we can in a training environment.

The several groups/types of people we regularly train:

- Civilians that are martial artists or sports shooters that want to learn more.

- Armed and unarmed Security that want to learn to deal with threats.

- Police and military units from all over the world that see the flaws in what has been taught to them so far and that want to learn from the country with the most real life experience.


If what we teach enhances Special Units,
it will also enhance you

In house training for government or security units

Next to the instructor team included in this website we have a large team of professionals we can send in to train your unit.
Obviously we select the people which most closely suit your demand and the field of expertise required. 

Our specialty training is centered around the field of CQB and all aspects that pertain to this field of knowledge.
One of the great benefits for you is that you will be bringing in new knowledge since all our instructors are required to keep developing and take yearly courses around the world to keep our company knowledge base up to date and we would love to share this with you to enhance the safety and security of your team and the assets it provides security for.
Please contact us to see what we can do for you.

High Risk Response - Individual Combat Tactics 

Our Level 1 course focuses on the threat of active shooters, Home invasions and other terrorist or high crime incidents. 
We teach you the Israeli Individual Warrior Doctrine where the civilian, Security personnel, or First responders face the threat alone.
We teach you to overcome an armed attacker, and to use his or your own weapon to take him/them out.
The weapons you will be certified on include the Glock pistol, the Micro-Roni conversion, the M4 rifle and the AK Rifle. Not only how to shoot, but also how to shoot responsibly and ethically.


- Duration of training: 3 days

- Level: From beginner to advanced, individual skills, with individual guidance.

- Location: Poland (or elsewhere)

- Price: € 990,- All-in



Active Shooter Counter Terror Course
PDF – 780,3 KB 1682 downloads

Close Quarters Combat and Tactical Care under fire

In this training we teach our students to work in pairs or small teams with the goal of taking down an active threat.
At the same time they will learn the basic care under fire procedures to save others or themselves until EMT or Medics show up.
One of the main subjects is to learn the different ways of room clearing.
Not just the single way most military and Police units learn it nowadays but to learn different methods applicable to different scenario's.
The guns used are the M4,  AK,  APC, Glock and Roni. 


- Duration of training: 4 days

- Required level: Reasonable fitness (contact us for details)

- Location: Poland or Czech Republic

Special Forces seminar

This course is not just learning some new skills als tactics. This is a comprehensive experience where you and your team are taken through the life of being dispatched to a country to perform a certain mission.
The course already begins in a sense at least one month ahead with a news feed where you receive numerous messages by different types of sources. 
These messages provide you with intel and give you a sense of the situation in the country you will be sent to.
During the course the days will be filled with training in different aspects of special operations and also  with performing actual missions against and actual OpFor who are conducting all sorts of heinous acts in the country.  So you are getting training and also using the skills taught in real life scenario's where you can see if you understood waht you have been taught. Even weeks later you will for sure still be running through all that happened.


- Duration of training: 6 days

- Required level: Have a reasonable level of fitness (Or completed prior courses)

- Location: Poland or Czech Republic