Advise and consultancy

Security consultancy:

You may have the responsibility over a sensitive location, in that case you want to be sure that your location is as secure as possible.
Whether it is an event location, a house, a museum or any other place. Without safety nobody can function.
Our consultants have extensive experience in the field of diplomatic security and close protection of dignitaries.

When you seek our advise we will seek out the highest level of protection available for the most reasonable price.
We will make a survey of your location and provide a thorough report.

If you wish we can also provide you with the personnel that will perform the security tasks.
When you want the highest level of security there is no substitute to TAC Training! 


Training consultancy:

With our expertise we can upgrade existing training programs or write new ones according to your needs.
Often we get active government personnel in our training programs who without exception tell us how our programs very directly cater to the needs of the operators.
We are ready and open to share our knowledge and experience with you and help you to increase what your people get out of their training.