Pistol and rifle course:  17 till 20th of September 2022
Total price: € 1500,- (All included, rooms, food, gear, ammo, guns, etcetera)
Total seminar working hours: 60 hours 
Location: Poznan, Poland

Becoming (more) proficient with firearms is firstly knowing how to use them in a safe manor. Secendly it is about the basic skills. Drawing, reloading, use of space etcetera.
Then, lastly and where we reach the most results it is about working on details. Things like trigger use, use of sights, use of the body and much more.
Do you want to upgrade your skills and maybe get rid of some of the 'training scars' you aquired along the way?

With the knowledge you aquire you will enhance your survivability and lethality in self-defense scenario's.

This will be a very intense 4 days where you will enjoy friendship and fun but also hard times and stress both physical and mental.
We do not train easy, but you will have adequate personal coaching with a high student to instructor ratio.
This way we take eacht students to his or her own personal goals.