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Individual Combat Tactics Seminar: 13-15 March 2020
Total price: € 990,- (All included, rooms, food, gear, ammo, guns, etcetera)
Total seminar working hours: 42
Location: Poznan, Poland

The training consists of 42 hours of training over a span of three days.
In this time you will learn the 3 options in high crime or terrorist situations.
Either, Run, Hide or fight.
The 42 hours will be spent with around 2 hours in the classroom to talk about the run and hide option together with some additional assignments. For the remainder of time we will take you through about 40 hours of training on the fight option.

This means you will do military Krav Maga, aimed at getting close to the attacker and taking his weapon from him. From that point we will teach you the Israeli combat shooting which is acknowledged worldwide as the most effective single operator fighting method.

You will learn to use a wide array of firearms such as the Glock pistol, the AK47 rifle, the M4 rifle and the MP5 machine pistol. We will spend many hours on the shooting range performing drills teaching you to aggressively, dynamically and safely use these firearms to take down any terrorist.
But most importantly we will use our advanced training village to train on many scenario’s and teach you the use of Close quarters combat (Israeli CQB Tactics).
These scenarios are what will transform you from someone who knows how to use a firearm into the person that can withstand the stress and actually spring into action when the time calls.

Small Unit Combat Tactics Seminar: 14-19 September 2020
Total price: € 1500,- (All included, rooms, food, gear, ammo, guns, etcetera)
Total seminar working hours: 60 hours
Location: Poznan, Poland

TAC Training has an extensive body of knowledge in this field gained through close cooperation with the Israeli Security Services which, having combated terrorists for many decades, have come up with the most effective training for this specific type of threat.

In this course you will be learn the skills neccesary to work together as a Small Unit in a High-risk area.
The subjects which are covered are CQB training, surveillance and counter surveillance, open field combat, Camoflage and deception, basic hand to hand combat, and much more.

This course is not for the faint of hearted, it will be many hours of learning, wokring hard and getting dirty.